This can become a serious problem if left unaddressed. when his water and food bowls are empty? How does he do they do this? Is he persistent or stubborn  in his expectations for rapid refilling of these bowls?

Dogs do not have to even think about needing water. Like us, thirst drives them to drink when they need hydrating.  Actually, they do a better job of this than do many humans. Humans are known to ignore thirst or to drink when we are not thirsty. Neither of which is a good thing to do and can cause health problems if done often enough.

If you wish to check out portable water bowls to take with you when on the go, read this:

Watch How Zeus Insists On Having His Water Bowl Filled

Although Zeus is a pretty smart dog, it is his inborn need for water that drives him to insist on having his bowl refilled.  When he wants water, Zeus speaks up and demands that his bowl be filled asap!

This thirsty dog does not stop barking until his bowl has been filled. Zeus can be both demanding and stubborn when necessary! He is just as insistent on having his food bowl filled when it is meal time.

 The Importance Of Water

dog drinking water from a metal bowl outside
Water is necessary for your dog’s good health

Hydration is critically important for both man and his best friend. There are many health problems that can be avoided if we maintain a proper level of fluiid in our bodies. About 60% of our bodies is comprised of water!

I will give you  two examples of problems caused by or made worse by not having enough water. One of these is more serious than the other but neither would be pleasant for humans or dogs.

  1. Heat stroke
  2. Constipation

Your dog obtains water in more than one way. In addition to what they drink,  they get a certain amount from the food they eat. The tital amount that they need depends on several things, some of which are as follows.

  • Dog’s weight
  • Age of dog and health of kidneys
  • Activity level of dog
  • The heat level of the dog’s surrounding atmosphere

Types Of Water And Availability Of Water Dispensers

Because it is so important for our dogs to have enough water, some people use automatic dispensers. There are many of these on the market. It is a safe and easy way to make sure water is always available. But some people prefer to take their own with them. You can check on options here:

The type of water is not as important as some people believe it to be. Some people insist on only giving their fur babies filtered or bottled water. They are concerned about the chemical, high mineral or bacterial content in tap water.

Others think that because a dog’s stomach is less delicate than a human’s stomach. Just  think about all the nasty things you see your dog eat without getting sick and you might agree.

Another important point is that a dog rarely drinks unless they are thirsty so they occasionally leave some in their bowl. The fluid is allowed to dissipate many of the chemicals. Minerals can settle on the bottom of the bowl. So, filtered water is not needed.

More Importantly…

Its availability and the cleanliness of the bowl are two of the most important factors. Never use food bowls for water unless they have been thoroughly sanitized. Even a tiny amount of food can lead to bacterial growth. Here is an example of a specialized water bowl.

Fresh, clean water in sanitized containers is important during all four seasons. However, it is especially important in hot weather. If you are tempted to add ice to the bowl during very hot weather, read this first.

Back To Zeus Demanding A Refill of His Bowl When He Wants Water

Do you have any problem understanding what Zeus is trying to tell you?



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Original story courtesy of @ZeusTheStubbornHusky